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More Than 30 Years Of Experience


Çalışkan Dişli, which was established in 1986, has always been a company focused on providing the best service in its field. Therefore, Çalışkan Dişli also uses its knowledge and experience for its progress. Çalışkan Dişli, which has a great success in the versatility of its services, continues its activities in certain processes such as gear manufacturing, gear opening, gear grinding, gear design, gear repair and maintenance.

Çalışkan Dişli is known as a meticulous name for providing the necessary satisfaction in all its contents, as well as taking care to be at international standards in all expected service contents. Çalışkan Dişli reveals its difference. Çalışkan Dişli also prioritizes the services it offers in certain issues such as repair and maintenance.

Çalışkan Dişli For The Service You're Looking For!

Caliskan Dişli with the professionalism we can clearly see, always prioritizes quality in all its contents. Depending on these plans, Çalışkan Dişli has rapid and popular contents. Çalışkan Dişli, which is completely focused on the welfare of its customers, suppliers and employees, continues its activities with the sensitivities you look for.

In addition to acting without going beyond its working principles, Çalışkan Dişli currently sets its biggest goals in the line of leadership in the sector and also in the direction of guiding it. In addition to being very close to these options, Çalışkan Dişli is a name that maintains its reliability.

Çalışkan Dişli Difference

Çalışkan Dişli, which is always at the forefront with its current standards, was established in 1986. While it has been an effective name in all the features it has offered since its establishment, it also takes significant steps for the Çalışkan Dişli difference with its knowledge and experience. Çalışkan Dişli, which carries out its activities in gear manufacturing, gear opening, gear grinding, gear design and similar manufacturing processes, shows its difference within the sector in each of these activities.

In addition to being a powerful experience in terms of its features, Çalışkan Dişli currently addresses your expectations in the most accurate way. While complying with international standards, Çalışkan Dişli clearly reflects its differences within the sector.

Çalışkan Dişli with the Characteristics You're Looking For!

Çalışkan Dişli, who is always on the side of quality, carries out its activities not only through its professionalism, but also with its fastness in terms of its services and productions. In addition to being known for not compromising its quality in any way, Çalışkan Dişli is also a quite expert in current processes. Çalışkan Dişli also prioritizes satisfaction of its customers with its activities, proves its reliability and is known as the primary name for you.

Çalışkan Dişli, with the aim of guiding and leading all activities in its sector, offers the best in front of you in accordance with its own working principles. Therefore, Çalışkan Dişli is a name that proves its strength as a company and preserves its difference. ;


We manufacture all kinds of gears according to drawings and have the best team for every project. We also specialize in manufacturing custom mechanical gear reducers and gearboxes.


We offer all kinds of solutions in the field of mechanical engineering regarding custom designs, technical assistance and modifications to mechanical drives and calculations of torque decimals.

Maintenance and Repair

We specialize in the repair and maintenance of mechanical gear reducers and gearboxes. We work both from our own facilities and at our customers' facilities.

Industrial Materials

We offer our customers a global service by supplying major brands of couplings, freewheels and non-reversing devices, brakes, torque and force limiters, right angle gearboxes, gearboxes.


Sectors We Serve

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Since 1986

It is essential for Calışkan Dişli to provide gears with international acceptance and measurements   (DIN, ISO, SEA) in order to make gear shaping and grinding implementations.Sending a sample or a technical drawing is all we require to produce the gear you desire.Happy customers and production partners are what we are always aiming.As a gear production company, Calışkan Dişli provides a fast and trustable solutions in power transmission. We can also deliver routine check-ups or detailed mending for power transmission systems and reduction systems.We are the solution for all your gears problems.

Our Mission

To increase the satisfaction and prosperity of our customers, our employees and suppliers by producing quality, up-to-date and reliable products that can meet the expectations of our customers in the gear and gearbox sector.

Our Vision

To give direction to the sector as a leading and pioneering company in the domestic and foreign sector.